Community and Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Grey Water

With over 25,000 square feet of flat roof covering our meeting rooms, the building was designed with utilizing that area to maximum benefit. A series of drainage pipes collect run-off rainwater and melted snow, diverting them to a massive 450,000 gallon Grey Water tank housed beneath our complex. The water is filtered with chlorine, and then recycled throughout all of the toilets in the washrooms. In the summer, the Grey Water is also recycled for our on property irrigation system.

Ecolab - We have aligned ourselves with this company. Ecolab provides confidence that all aspects of our operations are protected. As a trusted partner, we are always there — helping our customers have a clean and safe operation, satisfied guests and better business results — all provided in the most sustainable way.

What makes us unique is our family atmosphere and generosity. When large conferences have extra food prepared that is not served, we reach out to the community and donate to the local Ottawa Mission. We also support several local charities, such as:

Make-a-Wish Foundation

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Snowsuit fund

Archdiocese of Ottawa 

Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

Breast Cancer Action

Destiny's Way Foundation

Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

Youville Women’s Centre

Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC)

Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Ottawa Food Bank

Canadian Institute of Child Health

Valerie’s Flutter Foundation 

We donate unclaimed lost and found items to the Ottawa Mission.